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A Bluehost coupon is yet another praise-worthy feature of Bluehost that helps its customers to pay a relatively cheaper price for a specific web hosting plan. For example, a customer can buy Bluehost hosting plan which originally costs $5.99 for just $3.49 per month when they apply the discount coupon code given in the link.

On certain occasions such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday Bluehost gives a straight discount of 80-85 %. The Bluehost coupon codes always offer the maximum available discount when applied.

In order to get the Bluehost discount coupon, all one needs to do is to click on the given link and they would get the plans at a discounted price of just $3.49 monthly fee. This price is only available on the 3 year hosting plan. Bluehost does not permit the users to pay in monthly parts for the plans but they have to choose between a one year, two years or three years payment option. We would also recommend to the users to avail the discounts on the Bluehost web hosting plans through coupon links when they purchase a shared hosting plan for their site.

Overview of Bluehost Web Hosting

bluehostAs per the experienced webmasters, Bluehost is an exceptional web hosting provider. Bluehost Coupon has created a name for itself amongst the website professionals and the first company which the user thinks of is that of Bluehost. This is due to their latest technology used and the service quality. Bluehost was launched in the year 1996 and so has a long history. It is probably one of the oldest web hosting providers. The overall service standards of Bluehost are great.

It is also a big plus point for Bluehost that WordPress, a well-renowned Blogging platform recommends it as the most optimal provider for WordPress blogs and sites. Although, the information provided by the company speaks for itself, yet some of us might still be a bit doubtful as for its efficiency and wonder whether to opt it as their web hosting provider. To help out such users here is a detailed bluehost review and analysis of Bluehost along with the features which they offer.

In spite of being counted among the huge names in the web hosting industry and offering relatively advanced features, the pricing of Bluehost’s plans are pretty minimal. Bluehost offers to its customers just one hosting plan, whereas others may simply try to deceive their client base just by providing many different plan types. Also, they offer a single plan for shared hosting as well. Moreover, the already reasonably priced web hosting plans get reduced even more by applying their coupon codes.

Bluehost Coupon provides same features and equally efficient services to all its users irrespective of the plan they have opted for. However, there is a ‘Pro’ plan offered by Bluehost which provides additional features and may seem a bit expensive to the new users. Although the single plan is also very effective but the Pro plan is more suitable for the new or professional user.

The unique features of Bluehost as a web host are mentioned below:

  • Free Domain: Bluehost is so confident of its superb features and excellent customer service that it gives a domain name at free of cost. This truly is unique.
  • Multi-domain hosting: Bluehost gives the opportunity to get as many domains as they want to all its users. This is another one of a kind feature that only Bluehost is providing.
  • Bluehost offers a $100 Google Ad words credit which helps the user to promote his/her website/blog efficiently.

There are some other important features of Bluehost hosting as well.

  1. Bluehost is one of the cheapest web hosting providers in the industry. This is because it offers free domain, Adwords credit and domain hosting at just $3.49.
  2. It has an easy to use and convenient control panel and even newbies would not find it very difficult to use.
  3. Bluehost hosting provider offers 24*7 customer support and all customer queries are responded promptly. The customer support team at Bluehost can be reached via live chat, email or phone.

Bluehost coupon 3.49

Bluehost is one of the most reliable and cost-effective web hosting providers currently operating in the industry. After availing the attractive discounts provided through coupon codes, the price of Bluehost hosting plans get reduced significantly. In spite of offering all these great features at such affordable prices, Bluehost also offers money back guarantee on its plans. Bluehost promises to make the full money back to its customers in case of any issues.

In addition, Bluehost also encourages Dedicated IP’s. By spending only $30 a user can get a dedicated IP address for their blog or website. When such features are provided at such a low price point, we can very well understand why Bluehost is counted among the best hosting service providers all around.

The users also have an option of upgrading to a dedicated server or VPS as well. On top of that, Bluehost discount coupons makes it the preferred choice of many webmasters. The best Bluehost coupon codes are available here on this site. By applying this discount the final price of their plans get reduced to just $3.49 per month. The coupon codes are updated daily here to ensure that our customers get the lowest price possible.

There are 3 main types of shared web hosting plans provided by The plans are distinctly configured and separately priced to fit the requirements of various customers. Now, let us explain to our valued customers about the Bluehost features and pricing techniques. Although the pricing offered by the company are great anyways but if you couple it up with the given Bluehost discount coupons then the benefits would add up more on its own. The user who takes a paid hosting plan from Bluehost can surely avail these features:

  • A free domain –This is a unique introductory feature that is being offered by Bluehost. Under this scheme, Bluehost registers the chosen domain name of the user for free. Not only this saves the user a lot of money, but it also saves them time which they may have spent on reconfiguring nameservers.
  • Unlimited Disk Space –Bluehost does not put any restriction on the amount of data a user can store. This is beneficial for those webmasters who have to store large files, photos and videos.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth –Most web hosts charge their users extra if they go over and above their allowance. However, this problem does not occur with Bluehost. They don’t demand extra money even after heavy traffic.
  • Unlimited Domains –This feature is not given by majority web hosts offering the basic package. With this feature, a user is allowed to register as many domain names as he/she wishes to on the Bluehost web servers.
  • cPanel with Fantastico Deluxe –cPanel is the standard control panel provided by almost all web hosts. Installing cPanel with ‘1-click install’ and ‘Fantastico’ is convenient and Bluehost offers various types of softwares to their users such as WordPress, Drupal, Roundcube for email, phpBB for forums and ZenCart for ecommerce.
  • $100 Google Adwords Voucher –After the site is built, all users need some incoming traffic. Bluehost also provides a $100 Adwords voucher to help you spread the word about your website.

Most other web hosts offer packages at different tiers, but Bluehost just offers one package type i.e. Pro.

  • Domain Security Protection –It is to ensure that the user’s contact details are not shared in the Whois directory. This turns invaluable in case they have used their home contact info.
  • Site Backup Pro –Users should not put their sites at risk. They must ensure a strong backup system so that your sites are up and running even when there is a serious problem.
  • Fixed IP and SSL Certificate –Every e-commerce business must have these two essential features. These are necessary for online trading and are free to the Pro subscribers. Bluehost really understands their user’s requirements and provide a dependable service and exceptional support. Bluehost’s plans are suitable for both professional and newbie users and are equally beneficial for both.

By clicking on the activate button link the user is directed to the official page of Bluehost from where they can proceed to choose their plan. The discount is applied as soon as the activate button link is clicked.

However, the user must choose the correct plan before activating the Bluehost coupon. And, remember that you don’t need to manually type in the coupon code rather it would automatically be applied.

Bluehost’s dedicated server plans are the most potent form of web hosting plans which are a selection of large websites with many visitors. A full server stack is provided with dedicated server plan.

Typically there are three dedicated server formation types which are as follows –

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Enhanced

Other than offering normal discounts Bluehost is also known for giving special promotions by providing up to 90% discount on their web hosting plans. Just avail these amazing Bluehost Coupons and get the best web hosting experience.

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