Bluehost Apache Server: Special Features and Advantages

Apache server is basically an http web server meant for playing the key role in the development and growth of World Wide Web. It has been the most popular http web server since April 1996. The name Apache was chosen out of reverence to the local American tribe Apache and its excellent skills in warfare and strategy.

bluehost Apache Web Server-LAMPAlthough Apache is not particularly designed to be the fastest web server butit has performance comparable to the other high-performance web servers. Apache does not have a single architecture model; instead, it implements a variety of Multi-Processing Modules (MPMs) which run it in hybrid,event-hybrid or process-based mode. This helps to better match the demands of each infrastructure. The role played by apache in World Wide Web is quite notable and the very first practical alternative to the NCC (Netscape Communications Corporation) web server was Apache. This application can run on different operating systems like Windows, Linux, NetWare, Novell and more.

Now coming to Bluehost which is a web hosting firm owned by Endurance International Group. Being one of the top 20 web hosts, it is hosting 1.9+ million domains with its sister companies; its best hosting techniques and innovative ideas has made it one of the most wanted company in the world.

Special Features of Bluehost Customized Apache Web Server:

There are number of features showcased by the apache server that can be viewed without any restrictions, configurations or log files. Further there are following features:-

Virtual Sub-Hosting: It supports multiple domain names and settles to its own special subdirectory, all at just one virtual server.

Supports dynamically operated Module: By Bluehost Apache Web Server, one can take complete advantage of the dynamic module support to extend the features of Apache; one can simply add the particular modules of their choice when required.

Advantages of Bluehost apache server:

  • Like other open source software programs, it is easy to modify Apache features to suit your specific purpose.
  • This software program gets constantly updated. This is also applicable to Apache web server.
  • Another added advantage of Apache web server is that it is low in cost. The nature of this software program is open source which makes the overall web hosting plan affordable, since the software itself is free.

As a result, Bluehost customized Apache Web Server is a desirable web hosting plan for any programmer and webmaster.