Cheap Web Hosting – Are They Really Worth The Price?

When you search about the web hosting companies, you will be surrounded by a huge number of web hosts. Many of these will seek your attention by their cheaper sign up amounts or free services.

They seem to be a good option but it is doubtful that they really turn into a good option. It is not like you should never go for lower costs, but there should be a difference between low budget web hosting services and cheap or almost free hosting services. There is not any chance of a business in which there is no price charged.

Some common problems you can face with the services with cheap web hosting services are given here.

  • Server responses and support issues

Most of the cheap web hosting services mostly offers shared web hosting services. They are not good for business sites or big sites. Since the same server is shared by a number of websites the server response is very slow. This will create a problem in connecting to the website.

If you will think to solve your problem using the support given by the host, then again, you will get down as the support system of cheap host is very poor. Sometimes they offer no support at all. The poor server response will adversely impact your business and you can get no help as no support exists. This problem is more severe than saving some dollars at the time of purchasing hosting services.

  • Security issues

Security IssuesShared server is always prone to security breaks. The free web hosts do not allow business sites to do transactions. Even if there is permission to do the transactions, then also there is a risk in doing transactions.

Free or cheap web hosting services do not have SSL certificates. These servers are major attraction of spammers, hackers, phishers etc. as there is a monthly payment plan. This can create a risk of getting accused of spamming. There is always a risk of hackers or phishers to acquire sensitive information and make a great loss of your business.

  • Problems of advertisements

The free hosts have their own advertisement shown on your website. If an internet user clicks on such advertisements it will benefit the web hosts and not you. Moreover, the user will be directed towards another website leaving yours.

  • Server up-time is low

Shared or virtual web hosting services offered by free or cheap web hosts puts pressure on the server. There are various websites running on the server, which can make server down. It is even not sure that up to what time your website will be down.

  • Hidden costshidden-costs

You need to make sure that the web hosting service which seems to be cost effective is really cost effective or not. You can be charged a less Sign Up amount and then you will be asked to pay a huge renewal charge. It is also a situation that for low cost you are asked to pay for a long time period in advance.