Discover Why Hosted Private Clouds are Getting Popular Day-By-Day

A cloud is computing infrastructure which is classified into public and private cloud computing. Now a day, Private Clouds are getting very popular day by day. The IT infrastructure continues to evolve with the various players for solutions that are very reliable and efficient and that can save individual users and organizations from spending much.

Private CloudIn recent years, private cloud is considered as the latest trend. Generally, it is hosted on the servers of company within its network infrastructure.

This type of cloud computing provides various advantages – including higher levels of resiliency, faster server deployments, Cloud Bursting, Higher security and privacy and lower costs. This Cloud are getting very popular in the game for information technology (IT) disaster recovery in terms of significantly enhanced testability, faster recovery times as well as lower costs.

Recently, a n international study of around 2,000 international information technology ( IT ) professionals has stated that 5 services top their list for purchasing from cloud hosting service venders which are given below:

  • Colocation services
  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)
  • PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)
  • Hosted infrastructure services
  • Outsourcing services

Private Cloud is Increasing Popularity

There are two types of private clouds:

  1. Internal private clouds
  2. Hosted private clouds

 Both internal and hosted clouds computing offer high level of security and privacy than public clouds as they have dedicated infrastructures.

Private CloudThis cloud is getting very popular day by day as it can help companies cut down costs associated with software licensing cost, cost for maintaining hardware, and managing their own data center. It is an obvious that private cloud is the next big technology trending.

According to survey, investment of informational technology organizations in the implementation of hosted private cloud will continue to rise from the present 28% to 32% over the next couple of years. One more thing was disclosed in this report which is a considerable growth in the deployment of hybrid cloud hosting within the national and international organizations. Researchers indicated that

  • 40% of them had hosted private and public cloud
  • 42% of them had on-premise private and public hosted cloud
  • 61% of them had private hosted cloud


Organizations should research well to discover who the major players are in the market of cloud. You can check for colocation ecosystems and hosting that may provide you quick and easy ramp up to the world of hybrid clouds hosting.