Domain Name Search – What to Look For

Selecting the right domain name is just as important as registering a domain and hosting your website. If your domain name does not communicate enough about your blog, communicates the wrong thing, or fails to resonate with consumers, your web traffic numbers might suffer .

If you are struggling with how to come up with a high quality domain name that has not yet been registered, then here are some things to consider when selecting a domain name for your website are as follows-

#1 Choosing a Domain Name –

Domain NameRegistering a domain name is like getting a driver’s license. To select a domain name you will be happy with for a while, consider the following suggestions:

Make it meaningful. Popular choices include your name (or a short variation, if your name happens to be really long) and the name of your business or organization.
Keep it simple. With domain names the shorter and easier the name is to spell, the letter and try to resist the temptation to use cute spellings.


#2 Use Only These Suffixes:, com, .net, for your domain –

These suffixes give the domain name a professional touch. Furthermore, people associate authority with such suffixes and hope to find relevant content on these sites.

#3 Avoid Hyphens and Numbers –

Try to find and register longer domains without adding numbers and hyphen breaks .Hyphens and numbers make it harder to remember the name. It also looks cheaper than a domain that only has letters.

#4 Keep It Short –

Make your brand easier to remember and your site easier to find. Longer names mean that a lot of people might end up on another website because they missed hyphen or a helping verb.

$5 Make It Unique –

Make it catchy and memorable. You don’t want your visitors and customers confusing your website for another established one.

#6 Advertise With Your Domain Name –

Domain Names

Use a domain name that matches what’s on your website .It can gather you a lot of traffic. If a visitor surfing the net looks at your domain name he/she should have a general idea what your website is about. If your website is about trekking and the domain name is about resorts, it will definitely put off the visitor.

With this you are ready to start on the path to selecting a domain that you can live with for years to come. Take your time, because after you register the domain, the only way to change it is to purchase another one.

#7 Length –

Try to keep your domain name to a reasonable length, but don’t skimp for the sake of having s short name. For instance, isn’t as good as, if you are starting a martial arts discussion community. I would say a safe maximum would be around eighteen characters (not including the extension), with a good average of ten to fourteen.