Domain Registration – How to Get a Free Domain!

If you are planning to get a website for any kind of online business, you will require web hosting and domain name registration. There are various companies providing these services. Each company offers different schemes like free domain registration to prove their services better.

Domain name

A domain name is simply the name given to your website. It is the identity of your websites. It is important to get an attractive domain name for your website. This is because your domain name is what anyone will use to access your website. In modern times, everyone wants to have his own website. You will find that most of the options which come to your mind in the domain name are already registered. Still, you can find a suitable domain name with a little effort. This is because numerous domain names are released daily.

Free domain registration services

Domain RegistrationIf you search for domain registration service providers over the internet, you will find a huge number of providers. You can also find some companies offering free domain registration and hosting services. The free domain registration has always some conditions attached to them. It may be possible that the companies use your website for promotions of their companies and earning revenue. Sometimes the providers may offer free domain registration only when you purchase hosting services from them. It is also possible that you are offered a sub domain instead of top level domains. This can create a lot of problems in future. You should be careful while selecting a free domain registration service.

Some points you should consider before registering free domain

# Use short names for your websites.

It is good to use short and catchy names for which can be easily remembered and typed by the users. A long and irrelevant domain name is always discarded by the users.

# Always select top level domains instead of sub-domains.

Sub DomainTop level domain names will provide more authority to you. Top level domains are given the control and authority of the DNS to the owner. So nobody will be able to deny your access except in the case you have committed any offense. The TLD is also useful if your website is targeting customers from the whole world. It is very important to check the fact that, are you the owner of the domain?

Some companies register the name themselves and let you use. It is problematic if they deny you to access domain or you could not move the domain. Usually in this case the companies will take the charges and sell the domain which they offered as free before.

  • ICANN (Internet Corporation for assigned Names and Numbers) is the authority which assigns registrar for domains. Domain registrations should be done by the authenticated companies by the registrar. This ensures smooth and safe functioning of your website.
  • It is beneficial to use domain registration services of the company who is providing hosting services to your website. It is cheaper than registering a domain from other places. The web hosting company will also help in linking of the domain to the server directly.