How Can I Find A Cheap Reliable Hosting Provider?

Reseler HostingThere are many companies who need to have their website online for access to worldwide customers. With many hosting providers available over the internet, it is really difficult to choose the right provider. When you think about choosing a web hosting provider, the first thing which any company or an individual will consider is the cost.

If you are a newbie in the business world, you can settle with the most basic plan. However, once you expand your business, your needs will also increase and hence you need to find the cheap reliable hosting provider which would offer you the best services when compared to its competitors.

Things to consider

#1 Affordable Plans

While the cheapest plans generally come between $3 and $5 per month, these kinds of hosting providers involves sharing bandwidth and resources with other websites. Hence, you need to think about the uptime of the host provider. Providers that experience a low downtime will down your site as well. Hence it is required to do a detailed research over the internet. Anguished and happy clients would definitely post their reviews over the host providers blogs and share their experience.

#2 Customer Service

Customer ServiceCheck if there is a dedicated customer service team engaged in order to assist you round the clock. A good customer service makes a a reliable web hosting provider. However, always go for a provider which provides service over the phone or online chat. Some providers would request you to submit a ticket over their portal. These kinds of requests might not be addressed immediately, especially during the business off So remember that a reliable hosting provider should have a customer service agent with whom you could interact immediately either via phone or online chat.

#3 Plans and Features

Few hosting providers though offer their service at a very low price, they would have some premium and deluxe plans at little higher rates. This might confuse you and would be tempted to choose a premium plan immediately. It is always advised to stick to a basic plan during the initial stages. Then you could check their services and compare the benefits offered to a premium package and a basic package. If you think those extra benefits would not make any difference, you can stick with the same plan.

In order to make a best choice between a cheap hosting provider and a reliable one at the same time, consider the above points and do a thorough research over the internet. There are plenty of hosting companies over the internet which offer many freebies with cheap web hosting which include daily backups, top notch firewalls and servers.

Few companies also give you an option to select between Windows and Linux servers. It is to your wise decision in choosing a cheap and reliable web hosting provider taking these points into consideration.

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