How to Build a WordPress Website for Newbies?

In the modern times, everyone wants to own a website to enhance their business perspective and their profit. It is now very easy to create a website using some platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Out of these three popular platforms, WordPress is the first choice for beginners.

Reason why WordPress is the first choice of newbies

WordPressAccording to estimation nearly 50% websites found on internet have been constructed using WordPress. There are several reasons behind the popularity of WordPress. The most important reason is that it is free and easy to use. With WordPress you do not need to know programming languages like HTML.

There are different themes available for selection. You can easily add contents; photographs etc. The creation of a fully functional website is possible in less than 30 minutes. Your website will be able to open in any device like phones, tablets etc. Another important thing which makes WordPress appropriate for newbies is that it gives you full control over the website.

Steps to create your first website using WordPress

  1. Decide a name for your website

The first thing is to obtain a domain name and web hosting for your website. While selecting the domain name you should ensure that it is short, sensible and eye-catching.

  1. Select the providers for web hosting and domain registration

Web HostingWordPress is free but creating a website using WordPress requires some money to be paid. In order to get fully functional website you need web hosting and domain registration dine for your website. There are several hosting services which can provide webhosting and domain registration using some schemes and packages with monthly charges which are relatively low.


  1. Selecting a suitable plan and create an account

When you will select the web host, you will get different plans on their website which offer you different cost, bandwidth, storage etc. You have to select a suitable plan. After this, you will need to enter the domain name which you want. If the domain name is available you are directed to the page from where you can sign in. You have to create an account and do the payment.

  1. One click installation of WordPress

Almost every host gives you the facility of one click installation of WordPress. After you Log in in the host website, choose the domain and click on the icon to install WordPress which you will find in your control panel.

  1. Customize the website

You can also install WordPress manually. After WordPress is installed you can log in into the dashboard and start creating your website. You can create a professional website by

  • Changing themes

You can select an appropriate theme from over 1500 themes available in Appearance section of the dashboard.

  • Adding content

You can add different pages and add contents to them using Pages option you find in the dashboard.

  • Install plugins

You can select different plugins using Plugin option you find in dashboard. There are more than 25000 plugins available.