How to Setup FTP Accounts For Your Website With CPanel

FTP Accounts

When you are hosting a website, then it will definitely involve a loads of publishing online, and that means there will be large files that you will have to upload to the host server. In the competitive world, time is a huge factor and if you want to make the most of it, then it is imperative that you create FTP Accounts for the website of yours.

When your website is ready with all the designs, then the next thing that you need to do is upload the files to your website, but for that you will have to utilize the FTP account of your own. If you are using different web applications, then you will have to create an FTP account for them as well and sometimes you need to do it for various other people as well.

Steps to setup FTP Accounts for the website using cPanel

If you want, you can upload the files to the website with the help of an FTP account. Therefore, let’s not go round and round any more, instead get down with the tutorial right away.

  • The first step that is involved in the process is the logging into the cPanel
  • Once you are in the home page of cPanel, you will find the Files section, under which FTP Accounts option is there
  • You will have to click on that option and a new window stating Add FTP account will appear
  • You will have to enter a name that you want to use as your login and a password for your FTP Account
  • Here also you will get Generate Password button, which you can make use of in case you find that the password that you have generated is not strong enough
  • Now move to the Directory box that is used when you want your FTP Account to access a certain folder only on the Hosting Account that you have
  • If you want to waive the restriction, then you will have to keep the space blank and you will be able to easily access the whole account without any problem
  • Then you will find the option of ‘Quota’, which is there to restrict the usage limit to a certain MB, but if you do not want to specify any usage limit, then you have to keep the space blank
  • Now that you have completed updating all the information that is required to create the FTP account, you can click on the button, which says ‘Create FTP Account’
  • Upon clicking on the button, your work is completed and you will have the FTP account of your own

You can use the Directory box when you feel that an application requires access to a particular folder. Moreover, when you are providing the access to a certain folder to anyone, then you can update the Directory box and keep the rest of the site secured.