How to Start a Blog in 2015

Blog StartBlogging is a great way to make money if you are really passionate about what you write. If you are good at your work, then you can monetize your blog easily. But all said and done, every newbie has one simple question in mind and that is where to start from and how to go about the process?

You will need to put in loads of hard work in order to make your blog a successful one. Before you start your blog, you will have to decide about the subject of your blog first.

Getting all set

When you are starting a blog, then there are several things that you have to keep in mind and here some of them are being discussed below.

#1 Self hosted blog on WordPress

If you are one of those users who loves to exert full control over the blog you write, then the best bet for that is the blog and that too, on a host of your own. If you are using platforms like blogger or Tumblr, then you will not be able to get the branding of your own.

#2 Finding your own niche

You will have to think global, when you are deciding on what your blog will be all about. The internet provides you the scope of reaching out to a huge number of viewers across the globe who shares the same interest as that of yours. You will have to find your niche and work on that and soon you will find that there are loads of takers for that as well.

#3 Simple appearance of the site

You must keep the design of your website as simple as possible. Changing the appearance will help a lot in attracting the right kind of traffic.

#4 Visually appealing

If you are trying to grab the attention from the right corners, then you can use some quality photos without getting into any kind of copyright issue. Visual content is always more appealing than the regular texts.

#5 Targeting keywords

You will have to do proper research before writing a new blog. It will help you in understanding the keywords that are pulling in maximum traffics.