Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name

Domain NameSelecting a domain name is important for your business. If you are in a dilemma, then you can be rest assured about one thing and that is all the good domain names have already been taken by others. So, now you will have to be happy and content with whatever is left.

But, things are changing soon, therefore, if you can select carefully, then you can still find the best out of the lot. While selecting the perfect domain name for your website you will have to keep certain tips in mind and here we have listed some of them.


#1 Research on the keywords

When you are trying to figure out the best domain name for your business, then you will have to work with few words that best describe your business. Now add something in the front or at the back of those words to see, which one will be best suited for your business.

#2 Go by the Company name

The best domain name will be the one, which has your company’s name on it. This way your users will find it easy to locate you online and it will help you in branding as well.

#3 Unique domain name

Don’t just add an alphabet or two in an existing domain name and make it yours. This way you will surely head towards disaster and will also lose out on a huge amount of traffic too.

#4 Never follow the flock

When you are selecting the domain name, then don’t go with the latest trend. Don’t assume that as everybody is using short adjectives in their domain name, so you must also be using it. It doesn’t work that way, instead think how many have really lived up to the expectation of their name and performed well.

#5 Cut it short

While using a keyword in the domain name, it is always better to cut it short. Therefore, if you are planning to use website design in your domain name, then you can make it short by spelling it out as web design.