Top 5 Challenges for Cloud Users

Cloud ComputingThe development of technology and Internet has increased the performance and productivity levels in small, medium and big businesses. Increased data speeds and internet usage in conjunctions with a highest storage capacities and wide range of electronic items have brought a new era in networking capabilities.

Cloud computing is consider as cutting edge of the new technology. Therefore, Cloud computing marketer should take care of their customers’ issues, while they get their services. As we all know, cloud computing play a vital role in large, medium and small enterprises along with individual cloud users. In this article, we will discuss top five common Challenges that cloud users usually face.

#1 Performance

While availing a cloud service, various entrepreneurs just focus on their present needs. They do not consider what they might need in future. Generally, performances tend to be high in the cloud computing due to more available capacity and scope of scalability. In other case, performances typically tend to go lesser due to traditional servers. Therefore, when cloud customers may expect higher demands, it is very essential for the cloud customers to foresee. In this case, cloud venders must help their cloud users.

#2 Reliability

Now a day, Cloud customers are very concerned about the factor of reliability. They always seek for a cloud provider who is proven and reputable. Before buying a longer period or an annual subscription, customers want to check the services first. They also very concerned about SLAs because many cloud venders promising 100% network uptime. If you are cloud provider and you are offering something similar then you should provide the reliable support and technical assistance.

#3 Support

SupportWhen businesses begin on the cloud shift, they commonly face lesser support and management from cloud hosting provider. Today, Businesses consider a wider approach towards cloud and they do not want to depend on someone else for the complex work of data recovery, scaling and automation controls. As a cloud hosting provider, if you can provide the good quality dependable support, then your services never be overvalued.


#4 Security and Privacy

In accordance with the survey of IDC (International Data Corporation), Availability, Performance and Security are the three major issues in cloud computing.