Web Design Languages

Web Designing LanguagesIf you are thinking of launching your own website, then you need to decide the type of web design language that you would prefer. Earlier, due to the presence of code, people used to stay away from the designing of the websites, but now with the Content Management Systems or CMS, as it is popularly known, things have become much easier.

Joomla and WordPress help people with basic knowledge of the computer to come up with an attractive site. There are several web design languages, but in order to make the most out of it you will have to do proper research and then decide on the one that will assist you in your project.

Different web design languages

The most common one and also the easiest one of all is the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). With the help of HTML you will be able to design simple and basic websites, but in case you are looking for something dynamic, then you will have to look for other web designing languages.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is another web design language that you can use if you are trying to style the modern pages and with the latest version of CSS already out in the market, things will be much better than before. Then there is ASP (Active Server Pages), a product of Microsoft, which helps you in designing interactive and dynamic web pages.

These types of pages will contain scripts apart from the standard tags of HTML. In order to make the HTML or CSS pages interactive, JavaScript is entered. It ensures that the form is duly filled with all the relevant information before submitting.

JavaScript Libraries are of great help for the users as they provide complete solutions for fulfilling the regular task with minimum effort and some of the libraries are JQuery, Dojo, Mootools, Prototype, etc. Apart from these languages, PHP is another popular scripting language that can generate automatic dynamic content along with various other things.

Which one to choose?

Amongst all these web design languages, which one will be best suited for you depends on the requirement of your website and also the budget you have.