Windows Hosting Vs. Unix Hosting

This straightforward inquiry is consistently made by numerous web design amateur’s looking for the perfect hosting plan for them. It is the first thing you ought to choose in case you’re planning to purchase a web hosting plan.

Linux vs WindowsUNIX and Windows operating frameworks are the two main sorts of operating framework stages on which you may host your website. Each has its own particular set of interesting features, favorable circumstances and burdens. The right question isn’t “Which one is the best?” but “Which one is the right choice for your needs?” In this article I will demonstrate to you the favorable circumstances of every one and a short examination between them.

Prior to that, there’s something you must know, the operating framework that you use on your desktop has nothing to do whit the one used by your web host to serve your webpage Many individuals think that on the off chance that they use on their desktop a Windows operating framework they need to utilize a windows hosting plan, that’s by no means genuine.

Presently we should make an UNIX hosting outline:

These days the majority of the web designers are choosing UNIX servers to host their websites. Commonplace Windows is losing costumers to UNIX hosting and the web hosts are exploring this offering day by day new advancements and UNIX plans. Furthermore why are the web designers choosing UNIX plans? Initially a short and important point of interest: the value, the web host companies normally utilize free editions of UNIX frameworks like Linux Red Hat, Linux Fedora Core or even FreeBSD operating framework, this bring down the final cost for the costumer on the grounds that the web hosts don’t need to pay for the server operating framework.

Windows hosting outline:

Everybody knows Windows server operating frameworks crew! It’s actual that it is losing points to UNIX hosting, is genuine that is more costly than an UNIX hosting plan yet Windows still Windows. What’s more it backings a few tools that UNIX can’t run.

Just Windows plans help Scripting dialects for element content, for example, Active Server Pages (ASP) and, Cold Fusion, Active Perl and Visual C++. Just Windows hosting will run Microsoft particular applications, for example, MS SQL databases, MS Access Databases and IIS.

Since you know the top features for each one operating framework, we should analyze them:


In low-stress conditions Windows and UNIX servers have very much similar performance yet under high load UNIX is extremely superior to Windows.


UNIX handles high server loads than Windows; UNIX frameworks once in a while oblige a reboot, Windows always need them. UNIX can run stable much time than a Windows server and UNIX up-time is greater.


On the off chance that you design and system a website under an UNIX server you can undoubtedly host it in a windows server, yet the converse is not generally conceivable, Avoiding windows dialects and databases is the better choice.


Any server hosting a website oblige an operating framework and licenses, Windows 2003 and applications like SQL Server costs a considerable measure of cash, then again, UNIX, typically Linux, is allowed to download, utilize and operate. This have the effect between the value, UNIX hosting will dependably be cheaper than a windows one.