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Dos and Don’ts of Web Design

There are no second thoughts on the fact that a properly designed website is one of the most valuable assets for any business. It is because your website is the face of the business in the digital world. It is important to have a proper website so that you can increase the revenue, and you can have a strong presence on the web.

It is not enough to know what are the things that have to be done to design a proper website, it is also necessary to know what are the things that one should not be done. In this article, we will see in detail the dos and don’ts of web design.

The dos

Design for the target audience

One of the important things that has to be done while designing a site is to design the site according to the target audience. The target audience will differ from business to business. Hence it is necessary to do the proper research to zero down to the audience. By viewing the site from the audience point of view, you will be able to bring better designs.

Be SEO friendly

SEO friendly

SEO means search engine optimization. It is the process by which the search engines rank the sites based on various parameters. There are a lot of parameters that are considered by the search engine to position the site in the search engine results. So make it a point to go through the guidelines of how to design a site that is SEO friendly and design it accordingly. The ranking in the site is very important, and hence more importance should be given to this particular site.

Now we shall see the don’ts of web design

Not giving importance to content

This is one of the common mistakes that is being done when it comes to web design. Content on the website is one of the things that needs be given a lot of importance. If the visitor starts to read and find it irrelevant or not good enough, there are good possibilities that you might lose a customer. So do not take content easily give the required importance.

Bad UI and UX

UI refers to User Interface, and UX refers to User Experience. No matter how good is your product or your service if your site has a bad UI and UX, your business will not reach as many people as you want. It will also decrease the dwell time that will impact the ranking on the website in the search engine results. Hence make it a point to have an engaging UI and UX in your website.

Not being mobile friendly

If your site is not mobile friendly, that is one of the stupidest things that you can do in your business. It is because more than 70% of the viewers of the site view it in the mobile platform. If your site is not optimized for mobile platforms, you will definitely lose a lot of potential customers.

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