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Interesting Facts About Web Design

Web design is one of the very common things that you can see today. Every day thousands of businesses are being started, and hence, there is always a demand for web designers. It is not just for developing a new site web designers are also needed to revamp an existing site.

Web designing is an interesting field where there are a lot of challenges. A lot must be taken into consideration for designing a site for any business. It is not something where you can take some impulsive decisions. In this article, we will see some interesting facts about web designing.

The average attention span

Rather than considering it a fact it is more if a bitter truth that we need to accept. The average attention span of the people who are visiting the site is just 8 to 12 seconds. The worst part is that even the goldfish has a longer attention span. To make people stay in a particular site for more than that is definitely a difficult task.

Mobile factor

There is a reason why people insist on developing websites that are mobile optimized. It is because more than two-thirds of the visits to a site come from the mobile platform. Smartphones have a huge part to play in the revolution of the digital world.

The importance of blog



There are a lot of reasons why people give so much importance to blogs. But the main reason is that 7 out of 10 consumers find a particular company or an organization through blogs. Hence not giving the required importance to blogs will end up losing some potential clients or customers.

Menu matters

When you are designing the website, make sure that the menu option is very visible. It is because more than 50% of the referral visitors go to the menu option to know more about the organization. If the navigation is not proper, there are good possibilities that the visitor might leave the site immediately.

Google searches

Google searches

We all know that Google has the ultimate dominance when it comes to search engines. You will be really stunned by the number of searches that are happening in Google on a daily basis. Daily Google answers almost 2.9 billion searches. This is the reason why you should narrow down to the right keywords.

The importance of video

Rather than having an image, it is always better to have a video on your site. It is because nearly 73% of the visitors are influenced by video and we all know that through a video we will be able to convey the information in a better way.

The decision making time

Earlier, we saw about attention span, and it is something unbelievable. If you thought that was the worst, then this will devastate you forever. A normal person takes just 0.5 seconds to judge the site. Hence it is mandatory to go that extra mile to attain perfection and make engaging sites for any business.

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